Gopher Control

Gopher Control and Mole Control.

You may wonder why you have gophers tearing up your lawn or garden and your neighbors don’t. They seem to appear from nowhere but once you have them, they’re there to stay unless gopher control measures are implemented.

Gophers are prolific diggers and can be quite a problem for Home and Property Owners, Businesses, Golf Courses, Parks, HOA’s, Property Managers, and Agricultural Sites. Gopher infestation is usually noticed when you see their  mounds. They are very much like an Horseshoe shaped Mound. The problem above ground is bad enough but it’s what you cant see, below ground level that you should be worried about!.

Gopher tunnel diagram.

Our chosen primary methodology to control Gophers has been Trapping. This control method is still the most effective and positive way to rid a property of these destructive diggers. This chemical/pesticide free approach to Gopher Control delivers a positive catch so you know the problem animal has been removed. All removal is below ground and is pet and family-safe.

Gopher Mound.

Other circumstances may require a variety of methods to Control Gophers. Antex Exterminating maintains all the necessary Licenses for Gopher Control problems.

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