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What  Clients are Saying about Us!

Christine P (Yelp)

5 Star

“I found Patrick here on Yelp and I have to say the five star reviews are accurate.  I should have added my two cents sooner to back them up.  I was treating for ants myself but couldn’t make them go away, so I gave Patrick a call.  Never going back to doing it myself.  Pleasant, prompt, professional service at a very reasonable price.  What more could you ask for?  Don’t waste time looking around; I’m sure you will be happy if you call Patrick.  I recommended his services to a friend, and she is happy as well.”


Philip P  (Facebook)


“I have used Antex Exterminating for several years and referred them to several clients and friends. They have always kept the bugs away. What I like best is they take care of it the first time unlike other exterminators we have used who had to keep coming out to rid our home of ants especially.”


Lela G  (Facebook)

5 star

“Patrick is knowledgeable, trustworthy and has integrity. I highly recommend him.”


Jessica S (Yelp)

5 Star

“Antex Exterminating is reliable and effective in their services. We have been using them for years and rarely do we have any issues–and that is saying a lot because we live on an open hills where spiders and critters are very prone to be. If we ever have trouble in between services, they are always there to help and get it taken care of. Their workers are friendly and understanding and always have a great attitude. I love that they have organic/green solutions as well.”


Betty M (Linkedin)

5 Star

“Patrick will inspect and recommend the best extermination methods necessary, without trying to “sell” a client services they do not need. I know him personally and professionally, and highly recommend him”


Bob R (Linkedin)

5 Star

“Patrick is reliable, knowledgeable and provides his services at a great price. I can personally recommend Patrick. Thanks Patrick, for doing a great job.”


Eric S (Yelp)

5 Star

“They provide excellent pest control service, they service my rentals and took care of a major bee issue for me at a property I just bought, thanks you guys saved the day!”


Bill N (Yelp)

5 Star

“Patrick is great! Been using their services a few years now. Our ant and pest problems disappeared. Cost is reasonable and I highly recommend!.”


Dana P (Yelp)

5 Star

“I first used Antex Exterminating at our shop after looking at the ratings and he offered a discount I thought I would give Him a try. Well I’m really liking this YELP.  this guy was great he was there when he said he would be. sprayed more area then I thought he would. and all our pest are gone.  I had him come out to my home he treated for ants, that have been treated before. after Patrick came out dead ants every where we cleaned them up and still thousands of dead ants show up on my bathroom floor. Patrick came out to my house again and treated a termite problem in my garage.
this man is awesome I highly recommend him.”


Peter C (Yelp)

5 Star

“I called early in the morning, and received quick and friendly service later that afternoon. Price seems to be fairly reasonable. My ant, spider, and wasp problems are all over.”


Marcello G (Yelp)

5 Star

“I called Patrick from Antex Exterminating, I asked him about a roach problem I was having in a restaurant for many months.
He came out at that same night and showed me where the problem areas were and took care of it.
He knows what he is talking about and is detailed in his work.  He is a great person to work with, If you have any kind of pest problems, Patrick has not only the answer but also the solution.

Marcelo the new roach expert  :)”


Frank E (Yelp)

5 Star

“I called recently and told them about an ant problem I was having. Patrick came out the very next day and solved my ant problem quicker than I would have ever believed!”


Gabby G (Yelp)

5 Star

“We’ve been using Patrick for almost 4 years on a regular basis. He was recommended by a co-worker and first came out to a home we were renting that had an ant infestation. The ants had gotten into our kitchen cupboards. It was a mess and I’m so glad he was able to take care of the problem quick. Most of the ants were gone within an hour and the house was ant-free that same day.

After we bought a home with large overgrown vegetation in the backyard, we called on him again to spray for spiders. Worked like a charm. He’s been coming out every month or two and it’s rare that we ever see a spider and haven’t had any insect problems at all. I wish he could take care of gophers too!

Patrick’s prices are reasonable and he’s very reliable. I recommend him to my friends whenever they have pest problems”


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